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Mad Dogs Must Eat (2023)

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy draws faculty who are active, working professionals in their fields, many of whom are award winners or have formerly taught at such prestigious institutions as New York University Tisch School of the Arts; Columbia University; AFI Conservatory; University of Southern California; Stanford University; Harvard University; Yale University; and University of California, Los Angeles. Notable faculty members have included SAG Award winner Matthew Modine, BAFTA Award winner and cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond, film critic Peter Rainer, actor Bill Duke, writer Heather Hach, director Nag Ashwin, filmmaker Mark Lester, actress Brenda Vaccaro, actor Louis Gossett Jr., actor Mark Olsen, actress and musical theater performer Kristy Cates, director Adam Nimoy, game designer Chris Swain, director Claude Kerven, screenwriter Jim Jennewein, actor and director Michael Zelniker, and actress Lynda Goodfriend.

New York Film Academy is considered the best hands-on visual and performing arts college in the world and offers a range of programs including Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Producing, Documentary Filmmaking, Game Design, Animation, Photography, Musical Theatre, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, Virtual Reality, and Digital Editing.

In the short film "Mad Dogs Must Eat" (2023), a hotel security officer is tasked with protecting a man, who has assault allegations from a rumored serial castrator. The film, written and directed by Adela Gorden, is a project for New York Film Academy. Released on September 9, 2023, Shefik appears in the film as Bartender. In 2019, Gorden (under the name Abi Shorter) was nominated for a Student Production Award at the 17th Annual Midsouth Student Production Awards (presented by National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Nashville/Midsouth Chapter).

Castration is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses use of the testicles: the male gonad. Surgical castration is bilateral orchiectomy (excision of both testicles), while chemical castration uses pharmaceutical drugs to deactivate the testes. Castration causes sterilization (preventing the castrated person or animal from reproducing). It also greatly reduces the production of hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. Surgical castration in animals is often called neutering.

The term castration may also be sometimes used to refer to emasculation. It is unknown when castration was first practiced, nor where it was invented. It may be that it arose independently in more than one place, but there is evidence that it was practiced as far back as 4,000 BC.


  • Director: Adela Gorden
  • Writer: Adela Gorden
  • Bartender: Shefik

Last Updated: January 14, 2024

About Shefik

Celebrating over 25 years in the entertainment industry, Shefik has held senior-level positions at many Fortune 500 companies and celebrated brands, including IBM, NBCUniversal, and MTV World. He currently serves as a Technical Lead at NBCUniversal. His work has been featured in television broadcasts and video productions for TIME, The Washington Center, "Unsung" (TV One), and Broadway World. He is currently the Executive Producer and Host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Shefik presents Invocation", which is broadcast on over 20 terrestrial radio stations and frequencies throughout the United States, as well as the internationally distributed video series of the same name via Prime Video and other notable outlets.

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