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3rd Annual Anthem Awards
Anthem Awards

January 31, 2024 Judging

Shefik was named a judge for the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards. This year's winners include Matt Damon, Kevin Bacon, Selma Blair, Misty Copeland, ABC News, American Red Cross, BBC Studios, Clinton Foundation, EY, GLAAD, Google, LinkedIn, Paramount, and UNICEF.

Tags: AARP · Netflix · Newman's Own Foundation · Nike · Crooked Media · American Psychiatric Association Foundation · Comic Relief US · Mozilla · Matt Damon · Tom's of Maine


8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards
Shorty Impact Awards

November 14, 2023 Judging

Media personality Shefik returns as an official judge for the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards. This year's winners include Comic Relief US, UNICEF, MTV, Barbie, GoFundMe, McKinsey, Delta Air Lines, Mastercard, Al Jazeera, Cartoon Network, WWE, and more.

Tags: Mastercard · Brady · Participant · GoFundMe · Cartoon Network · Barbie · UNICEF · Comic Relief US · MTV · Delta Air Lines

Duration: 01:38:23


There are 2 total appearances in this view.

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