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Shefik applies a holistic approach to code theory, practice, and appreciation. Through this, he is well-rounded in a variety of facets pertaining to web development. Not only from an engineering perspective, but from a business perspective.


Chris Jasper: Inside of Me (I Strut for Autism)

Shefik presents Invocation

Photo Credit: Shefik

In support of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2, 2020), media personality Shefik joined forces with Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Chris Jasper for a powerful autism awareness campaign. It includes a star-studded music video for Jasper's song "Inside of Me". The music video was produced and directed by Shefik, under his brand "Shefik presents Invocation". Almost 100 recording artists, Broadway stars, actors, authors, fashion designers, models, and even members of royal families came together for this video.

If you are familiar with The Isley Brothers, then you know Jasper, who was an integral member of the group during the 1970s and 1980s — their gold and platinum years.

Proceeds from the "I Strut for Autism" campaign benefit the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The music video features the following:

  • Abe Fogle (Drummer)
  • Adam B. Shapiro (Actor, HBO's " The Normal Heart")
  • AJ Woodson (Editor-in-Chief, Black Westchester)
  • Alex B (Recording Artist)
  • Alexa Serafin (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Alvaro Alencar (13-Time Latin Grammy Award Winner)
  • Alyssa Morgan Lego (Co-Founder, Morgan Marie Michael Foundation)
  • Amanda Marie Witkowski (Co-Founder, Morgan Marie Michael Foundation)
  • Annia Jaffa (Managing Director, Nyea's Party)
  • Baroness Olga Papkovitch (Founder, PopImpressKA)
  • Brooke Niemiec (Committee Member, "Strut!")
  • Cameren Berry (Committee Member, "Strut!")
  • Charlotte Olson (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Charles Valentino (Scarecrow, "The Wiz" - 1st National Tour (1978) and Broadway Revival (1984))
  • Chäs Bronxson (CEO, M.O.U.N. Records)
  • Chris Jasper (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee)
  • Dan Vitale (Actor and Comedian, NBC's "Saturday Night Live")
  • Dani O'Hara (Mistress of Ceremonies, "Strut!")
  • Dani Penny (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Dominick Rienzi (Media Professional)
  • Duane Gazi-White (Co-Founder and President,
  • Eloisa Diaz-Sanz (Creative Consultant and Fashion Designer)
  • Erica Stolte (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Gerald Alston (Grammy Award Winner and Lead Singer, The Manhattans)
  • Giselle (Model, "Strut!")
  • Frank McIntyre (Author)
  • Freddie Jackson (2-Time Grammy Award Nominee)
  • Haley Beauparlant (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Haley Smith (Recording Artist)
  • Heather Rubel (Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe (Actor)
  • His Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu'Man VIII (Heir to the Ghassanid Dynasty)
  • Ivanka Panasik (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • James McCrae (Author)
  • Janice Dempsey (Recording Artist and Multi-Platinum Songwriter)
  • Jason Stuart (Actor and Comedian)
  • Jayna Bush (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Kathy Sledge (Grammy Award Nominee and Lead Singer, Sister Sledge)
  • Laura Singer (Committee Member, "Strut!")
  • Laurneá (Grammy Award Winner)
  • Laurence Juber (2-Time Grammy Award Winner)
  • Luisa Díaz (Ms. Venezuela International 1999)
  • M.C. El Bee (Recording Artist)
  • Marco Pavé (Recording Artist and Social Activist)
  • Mark Moore (Media Professional)
  • McKenna Wolcott-Wind (Commentator, "Strut!")
  • Melba Moore (Tony Award Winner and 4-Time Grammy Award Nominee)
  • Melissa Oakes (Correspondent, "Strut!")
  • Mokay Kamara (Business Executive)
  • Mr. Every Day (Recording Artist and CEO, Past Life Entertainment)
  • Myra Mrowicki (Honorary Model and Committee Member, "Strut!")
  • N'Kenge (Actress, "Motown: The Musical" on Broadway)
  • Nancy Gallo-Geyer (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Neal Bennington (Founder and Creative Director, Broadway Sings for Pride)
  • Neddy Smith (Recording Artist)
  • Paul Allen (Dallas County Buffalo Soldier)
  • Paul Laurence (Recording Artist and Multi-Platinum Music Producer)
  • Quindon Tarver (Recording Artist)
  • Rachel Lorin (Recording Artist)
  • Raquia Brewster (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Rashgene Gazi-White (Co-Founder and Vice President,
  • Rickey "Slikk Muzik" Offord (Multi-Platinum Music Producer)
  • Robert D. Siano, Esq. (Attorney)
  • Sam Allen (Community Liaison Officer, City of Balch Springs, Texas)
  • Satomi Hofmann (Actress, "The Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway)
  • Sarah Dash (Legendary Recording Artist and New Jersey Capital City Music Ambassador)
  • Sean K. Fitzpatrick (Photographer)
  • Selene Ferdinand (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Sellah (Recording Artist)
  • Shanna Marie (CEO, Mind Yard New York)
  • Shefik (Media Personality and Master of Ceremonies, "Strut!")
  • Siedah Garrett (2-Time Academy Award Nominee and Grammy Award Winner)
  • Sipho Gumbo (Founder and President, Yangu Beauty)
  • Sir Ari Gold (Recording Artist)
  • Solo (Recording Group)
  • Sophia Solano (Welcome Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Sydney (Model, "Strut!")
  • Tawatha Agee (Lead Singer, Mtume)
  • Taylor Swanger (Committee Member, "Strut!")
  • Tianna Johnson (Model and Ambassador, "Strut!")
  • Tito Puente Jr. (Musician and Bandleader)
  • Tony Terry (Recording Artist)
  • William Goldstein (3-Time Emmy Award Nominee and Grammy Award Nominee)


  • Producer: Shefik
  • Director: Shefik
  • Featured: Shefik

Last Updated: November 7, 2022

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Celebrating over 25 years in the entertainment industry, Shefik has held senior-level positions at many Fortune 500 companies and celebrated brands, including IBM, NBCUniversal, and MTV World. He currently serves as a Technical Lead at NBCUniversal. His work has been featured in television broadcasts and video productions for TIME, The Washington Center, "Unsung" (TV One), and Broadway World. He is currently the Executive Producer and Host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Shefik presents Invocation", which is broadcast on 23 terrestrial radio stations and frequencies throughout the United States, as well as the internationally syndicated video series of the same name via Amazon and other notable outlets.