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Call Out Things That Are Not

September 4, 2023 Me

Thank you to 4-time Grammy Award winner Karen Clark-Sheard of The Clark Sisters for "figuratively" coming into my house with blessings, to remind me of my purpose, and for speaking life into my dead situation.

Tags: Destined to Win · Generational Blessings · Speaking Increase · Donald Lawrence · The Clark Sisters · Grammy Award Winner · Power · Life · Death · Words


Today Is My Birthday

April 26, 2023 Me

Today is my birthday. The date is Wednesday, April 26, 2023. While life itself is surely a cause for celebration, at this particular moment I am compelled to reflect on death. Over the past few years alone, I amassed numerous losses.

Tags: Life · Death · Business Associates · COVID-19 · Relatives · Existence · Amistad · Acquaintances · Birthday · Friends


There are 2 total posts in this view.

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