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Shefik applies a holistic approach to code theory, practice, and appreciation. Through this, he is well-rounded in a variety of facets pertaining to web development. Not only from an engineering perspective, but from a business perspective.


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Photo Credit: Elihu Eli El

2023 Royal Blue Ribbon Gala
Bella Levy Foundation

January 28, 2023 Speaking Engagements

Bella Levy Foundation presented its 2023 Royal Blue Ribbon Gala, aligning to unite the community and help provide awareness against human trafficking. Shefik appeared as a Keynote Speaker, which was supported by the United States Navy Color Guard.

Tags: Master Chief Amaury Ponciano · United States Navy Color Guard · National Human Trafficking Prevention Month · President of the United States · January · Royal Blue · Gala · Human Trafficking Awareness · United States Department of State · Bella Levy


There is 1 total appearance in this view.