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Shefik applies a holistic approach to code theory, practice, and appreciation. Through this, he is well-rounded in a variety of facets pertaining to web development. Not only from an engineering perspective, but from a business perspective.


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Armor for Sleep: How Far Apart
Equal Vision Records

July 7, 2022 Acting

Armor for Sleep will release a new album in September 2022, "The Rain Museum". The first single was released, titled "How Far Apart". Its music video has amassed over 200,000 views. Shefik appears in the music video, playing the role of Wedding Guest.

Tags: Equal Vision Records · The Rain Museum · Wedding · Ben Jorgensen · Alternative Rock · Atmospheric Emo · Dream Pop · Sire Records · Transformers · Jesse Korman

Duration: 00:03:53


There is 1 total appearance in this view.